Born as a perfect blend of innovation and efficiency, Think New is an international company with offices in Europe, US and Latin America.

The company specializes in SAP ERP, Business Intelligence, and Mobility applications sale. The real novelty however is represented by mobile telemedicine, which mixes technical and medical information of the latest generation, allowing long distance care of patients or, more broadly, the provision of long distance health care services.

Telemedicine services may, in this sense, become an integral part of the structural and organizational redesign of the support network of countries. Telemedicine can help in particular to improve the quality and accesability of health care, diagnostic services and medical advice from a distance , as well as constant monitoring of vital parameters. This with the view to reduce the risk of developing complications for people at risk or suffering from particular pathologies.

Telemedicine, represents one of the main areas applications of on line health services, offers great potential especially in terms of increased equitable access to healthcare service in remote areas. This is thanks to the decentralization an flexibility of services provided the payment of wich is made possible thanks to innovative form of home care.