Needle free injection system

Your Best Solution, Comfort-in
Needle-Free & Easy-quick injection system

Comfort-in” ‘ Needle-free Soft lnjection System delivers liquid medications by creating a very narrow velocity fluid straight line
(essentially a “fluid needle”) with high pressure spring power through small orifice in the face of nozzle which penetrates the skin
and delivers the medicine into the body.
Strong points
+ No needle phobia
+ Safety from needle injury
+ Less dependent on doctor/nurse technique than needle syringe
+ Short injection time
+ No ‘Sharp needle’ waste
+ Faster absorption of insulin as disperse into SC (Figure t.)



Needle lnjectlon
Disposables (Adapter & Nozzles) ‘lS’-ray sterilized, Comfort-in™

Comfort·in’M was proved well in this test of
Diabetes Contro[ and Complications Trial to
reduce hyperglycemic peaks more alter meals
than the result of lnsulln pen without increase
or sudden decrease in hyperglycemic episodes.

Comfort-in TM
Main injector
· Weight: uog± s%
· Dimenslon: 136.smm(l) x 27mm(D) (min.) / 170.omm x 27mm (max.)
Needle free Nozzle(Syringe)
• Dose range: o.s ml
– Dose accuracy : For f- 0.2 ml : the expelled dose± 0.01 ml
· For-1 o.2ml: the expelled dose
· Weight: 4.47g t 3% I Dimension: 9.smm (D) x 47mm (L)
Single use & single package
Adapter (Connector b/w nozzle & medicine viaO
• Weight: 4.7gt 3%
– Lockìng by adapter cap alter taking the medicine
from vial and discard it with empty vial
Sterilization method: ‘Gamma (l-) ray’ sterilization.
Sterility is guaranteed unless packaging is opened
Starter pack (Item no. CF-DV-01): The Comfort-in™ System is sold as a complete starter kit contained in a carrying case.
lt contains the injector device, the pressure lever, eight (8) sterilized needle-free (0.5 mO nozzles (syringes), one (1) sterile adaptor
and one (1) ice pack

The best solution for those who are afraid of using needles and who experience pains caused
by the following problems pertaining to consistent use of needle injections!
O Failed sugar contro! O Anxiety and reduced quality in life
Quick hypodermic
injection by spring
Abnormal fat nutrition·body fat troubles
Perìodic injection failed
Anti·sentiment against stronger insulin prescriptions
Delaying or rejecting starting of insulin shots